Thursday, January 19, 2012

iced over utah lake

ethan and I ventured down to utah lake today and tried to take some pictures of him. he, however, did not want his picture taken. oh well! he still is pretty cute, even if he's sad.

how great would this picture be if he was smiling.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January in the park.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the park. In January! Can you believe that? This weather is nuts!


January we continued to fall in love with this little boy as he went from baby to toddler.

February we played in the snow and I turned 26. We also lost my sweet grandpa who I miss dearly.

March was a lovely Hawaii trip! So. Much. Fun. I want to go back. Also Dan turned 27.

April we spent Easter weekend in Vegas with the DeMille's. Ethan also got his first haircut that weekend.

May Ethan fell in love with his lawn mower. Is that bad that's all I remember?

June was lots of rain and of course lots of time outside. Also our family squaw peak night.

July was our Disneyland trip. I seriously loved it and cannot wait to take Ethan back soon.

August our days at the pool and our nights at the park. I honestly don't remember much else.

September was mostly spent at the park. Ethan is a park lover and the gorgeous fall weather made it perfect. I love how simple our life is right now. We also spent a fun day at the fair with Ky, Ty and my dad. It is a day I will never forget.

In October our handsome Ethan turned two and we celebrated with a "Oh Two-doles" mouse party. He was the only kid there and was so adorable soaking up all the attention.

November was the hardest month yet. We lost my sweet father to cancer at 48 years old. He fought a very short and courageous battle and then he slipped away from us before we knew it. Not a day will go by that I won't miss him. dan and I also celebrated our 5 year anniversary with an overnighter at Stein Erikson. It was perfect. We have been through so much in our short five years and I continue to be amazed at how far we've come.

December was filled with mourning the loss of my dad and celebrated Christmas. We took many trips to Riverwoods to see the gorgeous lights, we went to Zoo lights and Italian Village with my family, Ethan and I went down to Vegas to visit family and went to the magical forrest, celebrated christmas, Spanish fork festival of lights and decorated the tree.

Christmas Eve and Day

We had a good Christmas this year with our little two year old. He still wasn't as quite into as we hoped, but no doubt loves all his new presents. Christmas Eve was spent with my dad's family at my Aunt Chris' house. It was a hard night. Christmas Eve was always with my dad and it was just weird for him not to be there. At times it still feels surreal. We spent Christmas day at my mom's getting spoiled and were exhausted by the end of the weekend. We are so grateful for family and for the holiday season.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


happy halloween from our little railroad boy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My 2 Year Old

Two is incredible! Ethan is a dream boy most of the time. He still loves to be outside. Is a avid park player. Knows all his colors and can count to twenty. Loves cars and plays with them all day. Loves to push his shopping cart and lawn mower around the neighborhood. Is getting so good at talking. Still obsessed with mouse (mickey mouse clubhouse). Sleeps like a champ. Is the pickiest little eater ever, and loves dog dog (hot dogs) and grapes and cheese (mac n cheese) and strawberries. Loves to read books. Is a jumping pro. Obssessed with "bink and blank" or "2 b's" (his binky and his little blank) and his stuffed tiger Ike. I am love him more everyday.